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We support our clients through every phase of their business, from building the strategic base to raising capital.

Sample Assignments: 360° Due Diligence

Background: Orchid’s investigation on business partners, active diligence on claims of development status and projects assets led clients to evaluate realistic outcomes of investment and entering into purchase agreements.

Scope of Work A - Image

Scope of Work A:

  • Investigated the management team of the development company seeking to sell two greenfield power projects to SK E&C and alleged development status of projects
  • Uncovered legal problems between management team and equity fund investors’ allegations of embezzlement, litigation
  • Performed documentary due diligence of project contracts; questions arose about incomplete records and misleading statements made by management team
  • Identified gaps in corporate records and investor information; high risks not possible to mitigate
  • Client decided not to go forward with acquisition and projects were never built
  • Principles of management team found guilty of embezzlement
Scope of Work B - Image

Scope of Work B:

  • Orchid evaluated USA petrochemical project for private petrochemical trading company in China for equity investment and long term offtake
  • Orchid investigated Board of Directors claims of energy experience and found serious misleading claims affecting reliability and credibility
  • Orchid attended international conference in China for client and observed major inaccurate statements made by USA company about project status and feedstock supply
  • Discovered several concerns relating to the management team, investors, funding sources; issues that would be a fatal problem for Chinese company under USA federal and state laws
  • Client did not go forward with investment or offtake discussions based on risk of fraud and project would not be completed