Critical Industries

Sample Assignment: Critical Industries

Background: A private PRC brand name company in the Chinese electronics industry hired Orchid to assist on securing USPTO patents and advise on international market entry in USA, Europe, Japan, and Korea. Prior to hiring Orchid, the client interviewed major law firms in China and USA for IP work, however, was unable to progress for several reasons.

Orchid's Role:

  • Reviewed client’s existing patent portfolio in China and conducted internal due diligence on company’s process and procedures
  • Advised management team on all matters and issues relating to legal and regulatory, commercial, market, and potential customers
  • Worked with client’s personnel in China to train on international business cultures
  • Selected external legal counsel in China and USA for IP work, negotiate engagements, manage communications, services, billings
  • Keep client informed of industry and market changes impacting commercial strategies
  • Assist client on English translations of contracts and presentations at international conferences
  • Introduce client to potential partners and customers in USA

Orchid's Deliverables:

  • Working with external IP counsel, filed patent applications in USA and EU in 2016, USA patents received in 2016
  • Prepared strategies on IP, licensing, and marketing
  • Prepared client for international exhibition and launch at Infocomm at Beijing International Exhibition Center