Our Leadership

Our range of activities is broad, reflecting nature of our cross-functional team.

Kathryn Klokker

Kathryn Klokker leads all research and analysis for Orchid's 360° due diligence assignments with a special coverage of all reviews required in English, Spanish, and Arabic. With an intense curiousity and absolute reliability, she finds anything and everything that should be double and triple checked. Her experience and education thus far in a young life covers the USA and the Middle East and North Africa.

  • San Antonio, Texas USA
    • St. Mary's University School of Law (J.D. and M.A International Relations - May 2021)
    • Law Clerk at Blomquist, Collins, & Beever, P.C.
    • Research Assistant, Department of International Relations
    • Research Assistant, St. Mary's University School of Law
  • Rabat, Morocco
    • English and Spanish Teacher, Bridges Center for Culture and Communication
  • Meknes, Morocco
    • Arabic Overseas Flagship Program, Capstone Year
  • Austin, Texas USA
    • University of Texas at Austin (B.A. Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures Global Energy; B.A. Spanish Literature)

Kathryn's personality which leans towards complete cultural immersion and the big picture adds a priceless value to our team. Her risk taking in life has led to wide network of connections and relations that are unusual among her peers. In her rare free time, she loves photography, piano, and writing a food blog with her husband.