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Have you been burned in a business deal? Did that deal go wrong due to persons or personalities who turned out not to be as represented?

Orchid Group’s client was offered a potential international renewable energy project partnership in Asia and a construction contract worth multi-millions (USD). We advised they first conduct a 360° due diligence, check out and confirm the track records and reputations of the main principals pitching development rights to the renewable energy project.

The deal structure involved companies, investors, and connections in 4 countries on 3 continents and 3 languages (English, Chinese, Arabic). Timing? ASAP, of course. With our business sensible, legal sharp, multi-cultural team with proprietary tools and method, we delivered our 360° due diligence findings in a matter of days to the client. Bottom line, the management team for the developer of the project were not "as advertised." Proof that it makes perfect sense to really "know your customer" (or partner as in this case) before deciding on a set course and investing precious capital, time, and resources.

We helped the client focus on the real versus theoretical risks that prevent success. Our report to the client delivered the facts and truths, separated from the pitch and gloss. We take technology, access data, and analyze it for better and smarter decisions and increasing probability of successful deals by avoiding failures and relationships that are not going to work.

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