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Education Changes Lives and Times (ECLAT)

Orchid Law and Orchid Group support the non-profit organization founded by Dr. Yih Min Jan and his wife, Education Changes Lives and Times. ECLAT helps well deserving students from China, Taiwan, and USA achieve goals of higher education and become leaders in their communities. 

We would like to warmly welcome the 2019 ECLAT Foundation summer program students to Texas! There will be 10 students from Taiwan and China coming to the U.S. for a wonderful leadership program. This group is extremely bright and talented, and are a mix of business, liberal arts, medical, and engineering students. They will have a multi-city trip around Texas, meeting with different companies, visiting universities, sight-seeing, and participating in many leadership activities.

ECLAT is an amazing organization. Please consider contributing! To learn more about what ECLAT does here in the U.S. and abroad, their website can be found at


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