About Us

Orchid Law

Orchid Law are international legal advisers for companies and entrepreneurs doing business in Asia and Americas specializing in energy and critical industries. Clients call upon us for pragmatic and forward thinking advice.

Orchid Law uses a method called Hybrid Due Diligence which combines the conventional industry approach with digital and cyber tools. We encourage conducting due diligence early in the transaction process so clients are aware of all risks that could impact the business goals and avoid litigation. The majority of traditional firms do not provide this level of due diligence services.

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What Sets Us Apart



Orchid Law consists of multilingual and multicultural professionals with experiences from law, business, law enforcement, and fraud examination. Orchid Law’s team are fluent in English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Korean, Taiwanese, and French. Beyond the language skills, we have spent years on the ground in the main countries we cover. Understanding the legal and cultural framework is key to structuring successful investments and partnerships.

We emphasize establishing clear communications from the beginning as understanding the local language and customs first hand, plus working with the right partners will reduce problems, costs, disputes, and help avoid litigation.

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