Energy and Technology M&A Experts

Our decades of international business experience
in all critical industries delivers results for clients.

Doing Business in Asia and Americas

Orchid’s pragmatic advice bridges the knowledge and culture gap for companies doing business in Asia and Americas.

Delivering on Deep Dive Due Diligence and 360° Investigations

We help clients uncover the real risks in any commercial transaction as well as protect data and bottom lines.

We are Multilingual and Multicultural

English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Korean, Taiwanese & French

Adviser to Organizations
Out of the Ordinary

Our networks and connections are valuable to organizations doing business all around the world.

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Welcome to Orchid Law

Orchid Law are international legal advisers for companies and entrepreneurs doing business in Asia and Americas specializing in energy, technology, and critical industries.

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What We Do

We combine top drawer legal and forward thinking commercial advice with investigative services so clients know upfront all risks that impact the bottom line and business goals.

We prepare and structure all contracts and agreements, and support clients in negotiations on commercial transactions and projects.

We help clients doing international business in critical industries such as electronics, technology, and trade.

We deploy a deep dive due diligence approach so clients have all data needed for negotiations, litigation, and internal investigations.

When industry connections are needed to obtain facts, drive initiatives, or expand business networks, we are the best.

Where We Operate

Our people and teams have lived or currently reside in major countries we cover, giving us the depth to advise clients when laws and cultures intersect and converge.

Orchid Law has close relations with legal advisers and investigators in the highlighted regions and will review cases subject to applicable security and data privacy laws. In South America, Middle East and Europe, only investigative services are currently available.


Our team has a wealth of experiences in law, investigation, engineering, and commercial fields coming from many cultures and doing business in different languages.
Lilly Teng
Managing Partner

Lilly Teng is an expert in the North Asia and North America markets covering bro...

Debby Sung

Debby Sung is a dual licensed attorney in the State of Texas and Republic of Kor...

Kathryn Klokker
Lead Analyst

Kathryn Klokker leads all research and analysis for Orchid's 360° due diligence ...

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